AMeBE is an artistic duo based in Milan, composed by Alessandra Mantovani (b. Brianza, Italy, 1983) and Eleonora Barbareschi (b. Tradate, Italy, 1984). Mantovani and Barbareschi met while studying at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan, where they received BAs in Industrial Design. In 2005 they moved to New York, where Barbareschi obtained an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design. The same year the duo began their creative collaboration, and in 2008 they moved back to Milan to establish their independently owned and led Design Studio.

AMeBE’s ironic and conceptual projects are informed by the unique integration of their arts background with the use of contemporary, cutting edge technologies. The duo’s “forte” lies within their interdisciplinary approach, which gives AMeBE the chance to create with a unique blend of artistic craftsmanship and industrial, digital and aesthetic inventiveness. Their name, in addition to being the acronym of the founders initials (A+M & B+E), is inspired by the ‘amoeba’, the fascinating organism characterized by its continuous evolutions ‘mutable and perpetually transforming’. The term Ameba, or rather Amoeba, is derived from Ancient Greek and means ‘change, transformation’.


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