The functional design of the drip-proof crown cap makes the oil dispenser an excellent example of the relationship between craftsmanship and technology.

How was this project born?

The project was born from an idea of ​​the creative duo AMeBE in 2012, when far from home and from their beloved Italy they set out in search of Extra Virgin Oil, a “sacrosanct” ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and difficult to find. There was a need for a container that was worthy of representing this sacred and fundamental ingredient. “We started with the well-known Our Lady of Lourdes, thinking about a functional cap that could meet all the criteria of a good table oil. And so, we transformed the crown of the virgin into a drip-proof cap. Thanks to 3D printing technology, we were able to obtain a prototype that also reflects our aesthetic needs, making it in blue resin (food grade). We then envisioned a version with a 9kt gold cap for collectors and fans of the icon.” The body, made thanks to the artisanal development of a steel mold, was designed for a mass production of WHITE STD glass with hand-painted finishes for a Luxe version. The oil jug is entirely made in Italy thanks to the excellent workers and technologies of the local industry.

Earn our love!

To receive your Pop oil bottle, a minimum donation of €500 is requested. Please provide your address:

Pay to: AMEBE s.n.c.
Causale: Donazione EXTRA VERGINE
IBAN (IT format): IT65G0538701665000042434704
IBAN (formato ISO): IT65G0538701665000042434704


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