Why Support Us?

Our fundraising is also a form of protest.

We could say that Covid has penalized us (and this is partly true), but the blame doesn’t only lie here. With the humor and irony that this product embodies, we ask you to remember an important battle that has only been partially won. Oh yes: in fact, it has only been a handful of years that the world – or at least a part of it – has recognized women’s ability to significantly and independently affect the social fabric. In short, they recognized the intellect within us, as if we did not have any before. Because it took millennia to really start talking about freedom and to decide what “freedom” means to us. Choosing how to exist, how to think, who/what to vote for and what job to do, choosing to live alone, achieve economic independence, and claim our identity. The conquest of equality is an epic journey. One that we’ve certainly begun, but is unfortunately still far from complete. Because the tried and true clichés – banal jokes about “these women who always know everything”, who “wear the pants”, who now have “more rights than us” – are ideas that limit and trivialize centuries of battle. Because the truth is, unfortunately, that a man tends to promote a man, the boss in the office is still a man most of the time, the merit of our ideas often ends up in the hands of men and the “pink quotas” are in fact a marketing campaign. Because unfortunately, those who “wear the pants” still go on doing so, and when we move forward, we have to transform ourselves into men. Because it’s still a “man’s world” – and as far as clichés go, this is one that is actually true.

So why finance this project?

Because the AMEBEs are two award-winning designers with years of study and work between them, and because even in the world of art, fatigue and injustice are on the agenda for women. Because this fundraising was created and managed by CLEOPATRA, an agency made up exclusively of women who fight every day to re-conquer that little bit of the world that is rightfully ours.

If you are a woman (or any gender, for that matter), remember that supporting women is a very important act.